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The ear – our key to social life

Hearing connects us with our family, friends and co-workers

Our sense of hearing is an essential part of everyday communication.
But we rarely stop to think about the important role our ear, as a complex organ, plays in our lives. Understanding hearing loss


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Sounds have meaning

Being able to reliably hear the sound of a doorbell, a crying baby or the signal of an alarm is of vital importance. Our quality of life, on the other hand, is influenced by the subtle sounds, a child’s carefree laughter, music or the soft tap of rain on the roof.

Noises help orientation

Noises can provide important orientation. The sound of our steps helps us with spatial orientation. Engine sounds help us locate potential dangers on the street. Many sounds and noises are also connected to memories. What would a summer day be without birdsong, or an autumn walk without the rustling of leaves?

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